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“An Education Exchange platform for equal access to quality education” 


EDUCLO.COM (Education Cloud), a GETIIT product exhibited and launched in India at the surge conference at Bangalore on 23rd Feb 2016.

Education Cloud is a b2b online education management platform and apps on the cloud to enable students, accredited education institutions, teachers corporate employees and thought leaders to manage learning resources such as Training and Assessment Strategy, Learning Management Tools, Student Social Collaboration Network, Education Enterprise Management, Manage digital eLearning Content, Real time Course data App, “Data Rain” The real time business intelligence data reports for students, instructors and institutions.

Education Cloud’s vision is to empower students, instructors and accredited education providers globally to share a common platform to exchange education online by using EDU Apps which inturn benefits users to equal access to quality and structured education training packages accessible from anywhere any time through any device (Desktop and Mobile).

In the first phase go to market strategy, Education Cloud is set to release its offerings to India and Australia. India is a massive user base with world’s largest potential learner community. Education cloud empowers and connects the learners, instructors and institutions and builds a common platform for education exchange and equal access to quality education.

Register and join Educlo network to explore the fullest potential in Education. Speak to our sales advisors for a free student and thought leaders accounts and flexible price plans for education enterprise membership.

EDUCLO builds industry-leading education apps for education industry. With a business model and build on process apps on cloud, the product offers high quality and easy to use education apps worldwide.




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