Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDUCLO?

EDUCLO, a Singapore start-up in innovative Ed Tech Sector represents a compelling and substantial opportunity for customers in achieving both organization’s strategic objectives and contribute to societal good in education by enabling virtual universities with live streaming, eLearning and managing virtual enterprise for online education. Global expenditure in Education and Training reaches $10 Trillion by 2030E Source: Holon IQ education 2030 report.


What is the problem and opportunity in education industry?

Developed economies are competing to boost the value of education exports by quickly adopting tech - enabled platforms that are quick to integrate, financially sustainable to maintain and represent a one stop shop for planning enterprise resources and accelerating their education presence and accessibility to students. These Ed companies in the developing economic countries, especially India and Asian countries are investing in technology for enabling as well as amplifying domestic education.


EDUCLO Product and Solution for Education industry

Imagine if various education bodies are empowered by integrating with shared single common tech platform with student management, learning management, IOT, block chain and artificial intelligence embedded, that can be quickly integrated, scaled and encrypted with block chain transparent ledger. EDUCLO is the solution for the future readiness. Because there is a need for tech platform that can enable literacy scaling, quick integration and affordable, EDUCLO is a promising idea, solution and a product for the future of education. EDUCLO enables equal access to education, EDUCLO is a tech enabled platform and a one stop shop product and a solution. EDUCLO is a promising venture to lead by 2025.


How EDUCLO is useful for smart education and smart schools?

In today’s world where acquiring knowledge is not merely a personal choice but almost a necessity, there has been increased focus among all stakeholders to use different means to provide more of enriched knowledge to individuals. ICT has an important role to play in this regard, hence schools are embracing for mega digital transformation initiatives with smart classes, get smart and skilled initiatives, online school administration services, the hardware, software and virtual smart boards integration. EDUCLO can be used as a central one stop shop for school education, academic management operations and administration.


What is EDUCLO e-Commerce in Education:

The power of advanced computing technology is also reflected in the emergence of online academies and education platforms that enable students to enrol specific courses remotely. This is an excellent opportunity for students with disabilities, as well as people who want to specialize in an area that is not available at their local institutions. With e-commerce enabled, learners gain access with wide range of learning options, digital resources, publish articles, receive feedback, collaborate with peers and fellow students and manage their learning requirements, plan and set goals for their learning path. EDUCLO e-commerce marketplace lets the learners to choose lectures of different scholars from any part of the world. Education providers can start their virtual education operations with our pre-build your custom branded platform suite with ecommerce enabled, where you can start operation from the moment you host the training package. From Course creation to billing and support, EDUCLO platform is a on demand Ed tech suite to launch your virtual education operations. EDUCLO enables equal access to education by learners from all regions.


How EDUCLO can help?

EDUCLO Platform helps learners and education providers with platform of pre-enabled education applications to support their live streaming and eLearning operations to sustain education virtually. By partnering with EDUCLO, you are establishing online and ecommerce revenue stream business unit for your organization. Students can join the EDUCLO online community and Educators can join the EDUCLO partner community to exchange education through a common learning code EDUCLO platform.


How to use EDUCLO for Learning?

Learners: span style="font-size: small;">EDUCLO enriches learners with insightful courses marketplace and business intelligence data to course suiting the learner in a corporate, government department or in self learning setting. Corporate learners can access the courses that help improve the complete sourcing lifecycle from educator discovery, enrolment, collaboration and competency tracking and management. With needed course category expertise, best practices advice, and benchmarking guidance, corporates drive courses adoption to their employees and enhance productivity at work. Visithttps://learn.educlo.com/ know more and signup as learners.


How to use EDUCLO for teaching?

Teachers / Thought Leaders: As a teacher / thought leader, EDUCLO platform enables you to create courses, set pricing, manage catalogue, earnings, go live stream, and support your students. Track and enable sharing your eLearning content and start generating revenue by teaching skills and monetize your passion. https://teach.educlo.com/ know more and signup as teachers.


How to use EDUCLO for Enterprise Businesses?

Education Businesses: EDUCLO with its digital platform for students, teachers and education providers, it is a one stop shop for education industry. With EDUCLO apps and its features, the opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness are endless. https://manage.educlo.com/ know more and signup as education / vocational training business.


How to use EDUCLO for large enterprises and Universities

Universities and Enterprises: For sustaining learning continuity, fostering innovation in education, addressing operational risk in education as usual, improving brand leadership and enhancing corporate reputation, EDUCLO offers comprehensive platform and solution to establish virtual university by transforming education as usual to virtual education and university. With ready to use your branded LMS, Virtual classroom, online exams and assessments, group campuses connectivity and administration of affiliated and constituent colleges network, EDUCLO connects and enables collaboration between students, thought leaders, academic managers and education departments. With pre-enabled e-commerce marketplace, cloud storage, unlimited bandwidth, livestreaming and dedicated success manager, transform your operations and go virtual. https://enterprise.educlo.com/ know more and signup as an enterprise / university.


What are the Key features of EDUCLO Platform

Virtual Classroom: With live streaming feature, you can organize unlimited classes virtually. You can convert all your classes into virtual or hybrid learning. With the adoption of the multi-campus model by schools and colleges, the collaboration between institutes is increasing. Today, many universities collaborate with foreign universities. Hence, educational bodies are looking for cost-effective methods to connect different campus locations and enable knowledge exchange. Live streaming and live interaction let teachers from one campus interact with students in other campuses. This feature also lets educators to transform from education as usual to live virtual learning.

Learning management system: EDUCLO LMS provides learners and educators to access content, create content, collaborate socially, create exams and grade, track monitor and support student progress.

Institution management system: Single software to cater to end-to-end requirements of an education providing institution. Platform enables universities and enterprises to administer constituent colleges, affiliated colleges students, lecturers and administrator activities. EDUCLO platform enables you to generate reports, sharing data between different departments, offering easy department-wise access to relevant information. Whether it is students’ Registration, Inquiry/Counselling, Course/Syllabus, Library Management, Training Management, or Fees Management, EDUCLO system manages all at one place, Hence EDUCLO is a one stop shop for education industry. Visit https://educlo.com Signup today to be future ready.


How EDUCLO contributes to Online Education Management and Leadership?

World is going through digital transformation, In the journey through a hyper connected era, there are several opportunities Learners, Teachers and Education Enterprises. Live Streaming and E-Learning is a promising paradigm to address several challenges to access quality education anytime anywhere connecting virtually.

By year 2020, the hyper connected era is of digital transformation with $ 4 Billion connected people, $ 4 Trillion revenue opportunity, 25 + Million Apps market, $ 25+ Billion Embedded Intelligent Systems and 50 Trillion GBs of Data. The solution is Cloud based SaaS applications and platforms.

There is a need for quality education, Thanks to technological advancement, this is possible through PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SAAS (Software as a service) Cloud- based platform.

EDUCLO is an Enterprise with Team, Strategy, System, Infrastructure, Product and services to offer to its partners to scale up their learning services through PaaS SaaS Cloud based platform. Flexible Pricing Plans, Best User experience, Real time data and Reports, Education Apps Marketplace, Course Market place, CRM Management System.


What is EDUCLO Student Enrolment Management?

Student Enrolment Management feature is designed to support EDUCLO partners, staff and administrators to manage enrolment processes of eLearning business unit.

Enrolment management is a organization concept and a systematic set of activities designed to enable education institutions to achieve more influence over student enrolments.

The number of universities and colleges enrolment has increased in recent years. The processes serve to provide direction and coordination of efforts of multiple departments such as admissions, financial aid, registration, and other student services. Often these departments are part of an enrolment management division. To Support the operations of Student enrolment, EDUCLO is a platform providing a standard and automated student enrolment business process. The solution on the cloud enables users to manage enrolment from anywhere anytime and maintain and data real time with EDUCLO Data Rain BI feature.


What is EDUCLO Education Commerce Collaboration?

Successfully enrolling the students is all in reaching the student in the right time. Thousands of students across the globe, educators use student requirement match making service for sourcing Live streaming and eLearning services. It helps educators in thousands of categories to find leads and valued at billions of dollars in marketing and agent business every year. You can reach them through EDUCLO network.

EDUCLO helps in increasing student enrolments by

Match making with students who want your offer.

Automated lead generation for potential leads

Making the bidding process more efficient and easy

Helping you comply with education compliance process

Boosting awareness among your target students


What is the feature of Educator Management?

Just more than a million educators who find new students, accelerate academic operations, and retain customers through collaboration on EDUCLO network. We are on way to setting up world’s first and largest and most active education commerce partner community. They are offering thousands of world’s leading company’s employees, international students and conducting more than $ 1200 billion in transaction annually. To get on that, you need EDUCLO network Educator Membership Program (EMP).

The EMP makes it easy for you to fully engage and collaborate with your prospects and students on catalogues, orders, and invoices. Here’s where you’ll find the automation, implementation, and support expertise you need to solidify your competitive advantage in today’s digital economy.


What is EDUCLO Network?

EDUCLO offers three different subscription programs, each designed to help your business benefit from EDUCLO network in various choices.


EDUCLO Try it for Educators

Successfully capturing the students is all in reaching the student in the right time. Thousands of students across the globe, educators use student requirement match making service for sourcing goods and services. It helps educators in thousands of categories to find leads and valued at billions of dollars in marketing and agent business every year. You can reach them through EDUCLO network.

This business matchmaking service can help you find leads among thousands of large companies on the EDUCLO Network. You can choose a standard subscription with no annual fee – you just pay for responses to students’ RFI/RFQ – or upgrade to the Advantage package, which gives you access to premium features.


EDUCLO ready sales and marketing programs

These educator-marketing programs can let thousands of EDUCLO Network students know you offer just what they need, and that you're ready to do business the way they want. Explore new networking opportunities, online promotions, event marketing, and more.


EDUCLO supplier membership Program

Maximise the benefits of joining the EDUCLO student network with value added functionality, services, and support.


How EDUCLO platform helps Marketing Initiatives?

It’s about the right time and right access…

Right Access, Right Time – Gain access to thousands of decision makers students from leading global companies at the moment they’re looking for what you offer.

Worthwhile Networking – Through sponsorship, exhibition, and speaking opportunities, network with high-level decision makers at EDUCLO’s industry-leading business commerce events, including

Greater Share-of-Wallet – Find the EDUCLO Network students with whom you already do business. Then get customized support to help you connect with them online.

E-Commerce Validation – Work with EDUCLO to validate and spotlight your B2B e-commerce capabilities, letting prospects know you can meet their collaborative commerce needs. EDUCLO.

Ready Sales and Marketing programs are

EDUCLO Ready Platinum - For you if you already use the EDUCLO Network as a strategic channel to service many customers, and you want to drive even more awareness, business, and differentiation through it.

EDUCLO Ready Gold - Your best choice when you're an experienced EDUCLO educator ready to grow your B2B e-commerce channel, and you need networking, supplier marketing, and consulting expertise to realize big results

EDUCLO Ready Silver - If you're at the Enterprise Plus level in the Educator Membership Program (SMP) and want to showcase your Punch Out, EDI, or cXML integration capabilities with an EDUCLO ready Silver logo, we can help.

EDUCLO Ready Bronze - For you if you're at the Enterprise level in the SMP and want to showcase your Punch Out, EDI, or cXML integration capabilities with an EDUCLO Ready Bronze logo.

EDUCLO Ready Basic - If you're an Enterprise or Enterprise Plus seller not yet using Punch Out, EDI, or cXML technologies and you want to validate your ability to obtain orders, submit invoices, and maintain a complete profile through EDUCLO, choose this program.

Strategic Business Reviews – And finally, we’ll sit down with you regularly to review any challenges you or your customers might face working with your B2B e-commerce infrastructure.


How EDUCLO helps in to enable Sales, Live Streaming and e-learning services to student community?

Stand out from competition...

Of course, you want to portray your business as the best choice in any sales channel, and that includes the EDUCLO Network. Especially as students increasingly turn to web-based networks to find new courses and educators. They’re ready to buy and need to know that you’re savvy in the ways of B2B e-commerce, able to respond efficiently and effectively to their needs.

As the world’s education commerce network, with more participating educators than any other, EDUCLO knows a thing or two about students marketing in today's digital economy. With proven, highly targeted strategies that can reach thousands of qualified buyers, we can help you expand your reach and drive sales with supplier marketing tactics that include...

new networking opportunities

web-based and network promotions

buyer-seller matching services

event sponsorship and marketing


How EDUCLO Platform supports ecommerce in Education Industry?

The power of advanced computing technology is also reflected in the emergence of online academies and education platforms that enable students to enrol specific courses remotely. This is an excellent opportunity for students with disabilities, as well as people who want to specialize in an area that is not available at their local institutions. EDUCLO platform has created a set of new possibilities for students worldwide to continue education at no cost. Learners’ motivation to participate in such courses typically falls into one of the following categories, as revealed by surveys carried out by researchers.

To support lifelong learning or gain an understanding of the subject matter, with no particular expectations for completion or achievement,

For fun, entertainment, social experience and intellectual stimulation,

Convenience, often in conjunction with barriers to traditional education options,

To experience or explore online education,

Equal access to education by learners from all regions